LISTON A1110 Distiller

SKU: 54B1110
2 Year

Modern, all-in-one, automatically-controlled single distillation water distiller made of stainless steel. Designed for producing high quality distillate without full-time personnel control. CE-certified.

  • Modern all-in-one design
  • Low cost, comparing to competitors and distiller+separate automatic tank systems
  • High-quality distillate – conductivity approx 2,5 µS/cm (depends on incoming water)
  • Electronic control system (automatic water and power cut-off when tank is full and automatic start, after distillate is taken from tank)
  • Electronic leakage-proof safety system with solenoid valve
  • Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety system
  • Heaters made of stainless steel with extended resource
  • Fully made of stainless steel
  • Easily accessed evaporator, condenser-tank for effortless maintenance (cleaning, etc.)
  • Easily replacable condenser
  • Easily accessible control unit with possibility to be replaced without disassembling the distiller itself
  • 2-year warranty
Capacity 10 l/h
Storage Tank Capacity 20 Liters
Water Consumption 150 l/h
Distillate Conductivity 2.5 µS/cm
Overall Dimensions 87 x 44 x 55 cm
Weight 45 kg
Overall Dimensions of the Package 100 x 60 x 73 cm
Breaker Requirement 25A or higher
Power Supply 3 Phase / 3~Y 208-220VAC / Rated current - 21A / 7.5 kW


  • 2 Year Warranty

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